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Kid-Friendly Spaces (min. 6rs)

With a true understanding of how children enjoy fun, light, creative spaces, I work to develop functional learning + play areas that nurture confidence, independence and teach them respect for their things (and environment!) - all while giving you, the parent, a maintainable system.

Ideas: Child-sized items, easily-accessible organizing tools, soft surroundings, baskets, plants, etc.


Home Office Organizing (min. 6 hrs.)

A practical organizational system is essential to a successful office or work space. Ensuring your

day-to-day needs are met, as well as long-term filing needs are tidy and easy to navigate, my Color Coded filing system affords you more time doing what you love, and less time looking for what you need.

Ideas: Printer Station, office decor, desktop organizers, shelf decluttering, drawer dividers, etc.


Home Refresh (for current / past clients | $200)

It's not uncommon for spaces to need slight adjustments as you, and your needs, change following our initial project. I will return to your home, freshen up your previously organized space and get you feeling back on track. 

Refresh Sessions can be scheduled as needed (biweekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.)

Home Organizing (min. 6hrs) 

Whether we are working on a living room, bathroom or pantry - we will strategize to create a plan that is both functional and beautiful, leaving you with a sustainable system you can feel confident maintaining. 

Virtual Home 

Virtual Home 

$300 / 3 1-hr sessions

Need help making organizational decisions, but ready to do the heavy lifting on your own? You will be the eyes and hands of the project and I will be your guide. Show me your space through Zoom or FaceTime and we will come up with a system together.

Ideal for social distancing or clients outside the Bay Area.

Referral Program (New!)

Excited to share my new Referral Program offer in 2024 - 

Stay Tuned for more details on how you can benefit from referring friends or family!

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